Industrial design

Pulse para ampliar la imagen Over the years, our original field of expertise, machining, has been complemented by new services in other fields.


Today, Mecanizaciones INFE offers its customers specialized industrial design service for components and for complete pieces of equipment.


Because of our experience and our knowledge of machining, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance, a number of companies requested that we partner up with them right from the design phase, and now industrial design is at the top of our list of services.


Pulse para ampliar la imagenMecanizaciones INFE’s team of expert professionals can help you, whether you need assistance with a design or just want a second opinion before tackling a manufacturing process.


Our contribution to the industrial design phase can be particularly useful to you because of our experience and our knowledge of all the subsequent processes.


We use 3D design and analysis software and special CAD (computer assisted design) and CAM (computer assisted manufacturing) applications to support all the up-front work and guarantee the best results.


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