Pulse para ampliar la imagenMecanizaciones INFE was started thirty years ago as a small machine shop in Torrejón de Ardoz.


Today, we still have the attitude of a family-run machining company, but one that can offer a wide range of complementary services and operates in both the national and international arena.



Pulse para ampliar la imagenMecanizaciones INFE has an extensive portfolio of customers in the field of machining, with orders ranging from large-scale production of parts to custom machining of small lots of special components.


At our world-class facilities in Alcalá de Henares, we are in possession of one of the widest ranges of machining equipment to be found in Spain, from small milling machines and lathes to the most modern machining centres.


We use 3D design and analysis software and special CAD (computer assisted design) and CAM (computer assisted manufacturing) applications to support all up-front work and guarantee optimal results.


Our machining services are also supplemented by exhaustive quality controls on all parts and component lots.


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