Pulse para ampliar la imagenAll machinery and installations are subject to wear and tear and a variety of problems when used normally. Regular maintenance must be performed on equipment in order to avoid stoppages in production and/or faults in the components.


Maintenance can be carried out by the customer or he can turn to a specialist for outside help.


Pulse para ampliar la imagenMecanizaciones INFE provides complete maintenance service, either preventive or corrective, by our team of specialized technicians.


With preventive maintenance, the parts and components of the equipment are regularly checked to make sure that they are working correctly. Then any corrective actions needed are taken.


Corrective maintenance is done when a piece of equipment or an installation has stopped working and the problem needs to be identified and corrected to get the equipment going again.


In both cases, maintenance can be performed at our facilities or at the customer’s, and even at the job site, if necessary.


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