Manufacturing and assembly

Pulse para ampliar la imagenAt Mecanizaciones INFE, we manufacture machines and industrial installations for companies all over the world, adding the customer’s brand name and logo.


The manufacturing and assembly process is always carried out according to customer specifications, whether for manufacturing components, assembly process, tests and quality control, or packaging and preparation for delivery.


Pulse para ampliar la imagenDepending on the needs of the project and the level of support requested by the customer, Mecanizaciones INFE can provide services that range from custom-manufacturing machines to order, producing and storing ordered products and even creating working prototypes of new equipment for test purposes.


At INFE, we believe in cooperating with our customers and in creating synergies, so we get involved in the manufacturing and assembly processes, addingvalue through our experience and knowledge of the production chain.


For customer references or machines manufactured by us, or to simply obtain more information, contact us.